‘Absinthe Minded’ Girl on Film

The lovely people at Absinthe: New European Writing have featured my analytical article on Kieslowski’s Three Colours: Blue on their constantly updated and widely informative online blog ‘Absinthe Minded’. Here’s the link.

Absinthe: New European Writing is a print journal featuring the best contemporary European writers. The journal includes poetry, prose, essays, interviews, book reviews, art, author photos, and more.

 Absinthe: New European Writing is published biannually in the spring and fall.’ [Source]



Paris on Film: a selection of films set in the French capital


Girl on Film is taking a trip to the ‘City of Lovers’ this month. Below is a list of films set in Paris that should get any European explorer longing for the romantic promenades of one of the world’s oldest cities…

The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1923)

Les Enfants du Paradis (1945)

An American in Paris (1952)

Sabrina (1954)

Funny Face (1957)

Gigli (1958)

Breathless (1960)

Bande à Part (1964)

Paris When It Sizzles (1964) 

Last Tango in Paris (1972) (Note: beautiful setting, terrifying use of butter)

La Maman et la Putain (1973)

Trois Couleurs: Bleu (1993) (Girl on Film review)

Léon: The Professional (1994)

Everyone Says I Love You (1996)

Code Unknown (2000)

Amélie (2001)

Moulin Rouge (2001)

The Bourne Identity (2002)

The Dreamers (2003)

The Phantom of the Opera (2004)

Before Sunset (2004)

Caché (2005)

Paris Je t’aime (2006)

2 Days in Paris (2007)

Ratatouille (2007)

Julie and Julia (2009)

Hugo (2011)

Midnight in Paris (2011)

Feel free to add in the comment box or to tweet your own favourite films set in Paris.